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You're welcome to download the following images for use as desktop wallpapers or Facebook banners. They are completely free, but a small optional donation (button in side panel) to support my photography habit would be very welcome.

Please do not use these images for commercial purposes, etc. If you wish to buy a print, please click here.

Note that some of the images have a different aspect ratio to your screen. These will look best if you download a size that will fit completely onto your desktop, then center the image with a gray background.

If you would like me to make other images (e.g. from my portfolio) available here, drop me a line.

I can't upload larger sizes to picasaweb, since it will automatically downsize them. If you would like a wallpaper for a different screen size, just drop me a line.


Quiver Trees By Night 1

 Sizes: 1024x409   1280x512   1366x546

Quiver Trees By Night 2

Sizes: 1024x389   1280x486   1366x519

Quiver Trees By Night 3

Sizes: 1024x409   1280x511   1366x546

Baobabs & Bicycle

Sizes: 1024x754   1087x800

I'll add more when I have time. You can leave any specific requests in the comments.

Facebook Banners

You're welcome to use any of these as your Facebook banner (or similar use), if you like. However, I would much appreciate an attribution in the form of a link to this blog, for example in a comment to the photograph.


  1. Any chance of getting a higher res version of "Quiver Trees By Night 3"? Its a fantastic photograph.

    1. If you want a wallpaper for a higher res screen, you can send me an email. I don't generally send out files in printable resolution.

  2. Absolutely beautiful especially the Quiver Trees By Night !!!!! thanks for the wallpapers... Would love to see a sky like that someday... any tips on how to capture the stars like that ?

  3. Świetna robota, bardzo nam sie podoba, pozdrowienia z Wroclawia

  4. Florian, I really love #3 because it includes the SMC and LMC. I wanted to put it on a new Capital One card, but when I sent them the 3000 x 1198 version, they rejected it:
    Copyrighted or trademarked material, including branded products - if you did not take the photo, or do not own the image or rights to the product, we can not accept it

    Any suggestions as to how I could get them to allow this?

    1. Hi there, I'm not sure how these cards work. If it's an actual person making the decision, I could send an email, formally giving you permission to use the image to print on your card. If you can give me an email address, I can write such a message. But if its some automated program that searches for similar images on the net, then I'm not sure how to get around it.

      For the record: you are welcome to use this image to print on your credit card, so long as its just for you, and not distributed commercially.

  5. Absolutely stunning! Grew up in South Africa and haven't lived there for over 20 years. What a magical place, as I always tell my friends I don't envy people, just the ones that haven't visited Africa yet, since they have so much to look forward to. Groete van huis to huis, Heinrich

  6. I love your Quiver Trees By Night 2 photo and I would love to use it as my Wallpaper but I have a Apple Pro Display XDR. Could I get a higher resolution. If you could send me a 6016 × 2405 resolution of it, I would very much appreciate it. I can also pay you something for it. My e-mail address is

    Thank you very much,