Saturday 18 August 2012

Canon 40D, Canon 70-200 f/4 L IS @ 200mm, 1/20, f/8, polariser, tripod


Here is just a short post, I'm currently at a conference in G├Âttingen and will fly back home tonight. This pretty picture was taken during the Aus workshop in Namibia that I mentioned earlier. We were coming back from a day trip to the dunes of the Namib and ran a bit late (a recent flood had damaged the road) so we were still out somewhere on the Garub Plains when sunset came. 

Using a long focal length, the landscape is strongly compressed, leading to a profusion of horizontal lines in the image, which contribute to the peaceful atmosphere. I also like how the mountains in the top right mirror each other. Maybe this would be even better if the little double hill in the foreground was on the right hand side of the image, but I decided not flip the image around. In fact, I used almost no post-processing besides cropping into a wide format (in part to remove some unsightly foreground).

In unrelated news, my Quiver Trees by Night 2 appeared on the MyPhotoSchool blog.

That's all I wanted to share, have a lovely weekend.

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