Tuesday 22 January 2013

Quiver Trees by Night 2 Remastered

Quiver Trees by Night 2 has been remastered, in particular I have fixed the aspect ratio to 5:2, like the other two images in the series, by including more sky - cropping the sides was not an option. I had to rephotoshop the whole thing (see here how), so it looks a little different. Let me know in the comments if you consider this an improvement.

Quiver Trees by Night 2v2 - Canon 40D, Tokina 11-16, 12x30sec, f/2.8, ISO 3200, Nodal Ninja
As a result, the Quiver Trees by Night triplet now fits together as a whole, and is more easily framed as all have the same 5:2 aspect ratio.

Special Offer

To celebrate this, I'm making the following special offer for those who wish to buy all three prints:

Quiver Trees by Night 1, 2 and 3, 35x14cm (14"x5.5"), printed on metallic paper, airmailed anywhere in the world for only $99.

Quiver Trees by Night 1

Quiver Trees by Night 2v2

Quiver Trees by Night 3
You may choose if you want them signed (on the image, bottom right) or unsigned. Please do provide your full international mailing address. The watermark, of course, will not be printed.

Quiver Trees by Night 1, 2 & 3, 35x14cm metallic prints. $99


  1. Wish this was desktop wallpaper sized :(

    1. That can be arranged - check the "download wallpapers" page in a few days :)

  2. Saw this here:


    I don't usually see a pic on MSN and google the photographer to say this but:

    Well done great work.

  3. Great Job! Quiver Tree photos are specially amazing. Thank you

  4. These are breathtaking...I think I just found a new favourite photographer and inspiration!

  5. I absolutely love this picture and I would like to use it as my facebook cover picture but I guess this is not legal?

    1. Sure you can! Have a look here:

  6. @Florian Breuer Truly amazing.Great to saw your works.

  7. I loved the Quiver Trees photos, the sky is amazing.

  8. Simply impressive ... and particularly by the equipment that you use, which is not exactly the latest generation. Congrats ...