Tuesday 16 September 2014

Quiver Tree Poetry!

Quiver Trees by Night 1 - Canon 40D, Tokina 11-16, 6x30sec, f/2.8. ISO 3200, Nodal Ninja
No, this is not a new image. But I am very excited that my fellow South African, Walter Schwim, has written a poem on quiver trees that perfectly accompanies Quiver Trees by Night 1 (or 2, for that matter). It was published on Poet's Collective. I reproduce it here with the kind permission of the author:

Chotje’s Vision

(Eyes of the Aloe)

Did you watch a gibbous moon
entangled in those starfish eyes
of wise old thorny Kokerboom
beneath Namakwa’s starry skies?
Did you touch his horny hide 
and ask him pardon for your rude
request that he in you confide
his thoughts and secrets un-eschewed?
Did he take you far away
beyond the feeble lunar glow
into his gleaming milky way
to places only Kokers know?
Where spirits fly on angel wings
for starfish eyes can see all things.

© WW Schwim, 2014

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